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I found a Cat/Kitten, What Now?!

Have you found a cat or kitten(s) and you want help getting them adopted into good homes? We do vetting, we manage adoptions, but we need YOU to foster!

First thing to know: Rescue Me is NOT a shelter or a facility. We are a group of volunteers. We are not a place where you can take a cat or kitten to drop it off.

Here is what we CAN do to help:

We provide complete vetting, which includes combo testing for FeLV and FIV, 3 rounds of complete vaccines at the right age and intervals (FHCpCH, FeLV and Rabies), microchipping, deworming, flea treatment, and of course spay and neuter, which we do once the kitten reaches 4 months of age and 4 pounds. We also treat common incidental kitten things like ear mites, ringworm, etc, and we make a referral to a vet in our network f a visit is indicated. ALL INITIAL AND FOLLOW UP MEDICAL VISITS OCCUR AT THE HOME OF OUR VET TECH IN FLOWER MOUND, AND SPAY/NEUTER OCCURS AT LEWISVILLE ANIMAL SERVICES, SO OUR FOSTERS NEED TO BE WILLING AND ABLE TO DRIVE TO THESE LOCATIONS FOR ROUTINE CARE. Our in-network vets are primarily in the Flower Mound/Lantana/Lewisville area, also.

We adopt out kittens when they are healthy and at least 8 weeks of age to qualified, approved adopters. Our adopters receive a background check for every adult in the household, a vet check to ensure their other pets (if they have others) are current on vaccines, spayed or neutered, and well cared for, and a home visit so that we can ensure the home is safe and any other pets or children in the home interact well with their prospective kitten or cat. We also provide new kitten/cat teaching, and we support our adopters, and continue to see them for any subsequent booster visits and spay/neuter at 4 months of age.

So by working with us, you are assured a GOOD home for the cat or kitten(s) that you bring to us, and we cover all medical costs. (The eventual adopter pays an adoption fee, so that’s how we cover costs, plus the fact that we have a full time group of volunteers.)

Here is what we need from YOU: to foster the cat or kittens indoors in a designated room of your house, for the time that it takes us to do medical intake, post the cat or kitten on our website as adoptable, and to manage applications, meet n greets, and then adoption. Fosters need to pass the same “checks” as adopters, meaning that fosters undergo a background check and a vet check. A dedicated room is necessary because young kittens need to be safe from children and other pets, and also for the potential for contagious illnesses to spread between foster cats and one’s own cats. The foster also has to participate in the process of submitting super-cute photos and a personality description for their cats, and to host potential adopters in their home for meet-n-greets. The foster gets the privilege of choosing the best adopter for each cat or kitten. Our fosters also help and support each other, so volunteering for Rescue Me gets you networked with a supportive group of people who want to help you.

If you think you’d like to foster for us, please start by filling out out application HERE.

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