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Sponsor Request: Luna

Recently, we here at RescueMe were contacted for an emergency rescue request from a local animal shelter. Meet Luna, this gorgeous point cat. She's got a bit of an upstream battle in that she's a 10 yo feline that has some medical issues.

The shelter writes:

Luna was surrendered to our shelter due to her declining medical condition. Her owner reported that she was throwing up after eating and had diarrhea. Luna is needing diagnostics and medical treatment outside of what we can provide at our shelter so she will need emergency rescue.

Medical: right fast phase, possibly rotary nystagmus. severe mydriasis. no external ear canal effusions or notable inflammation. while no retinal hemorrhages limbic margin appears injected. moderate to severe tachycardia.

Diagnosis (laymen’s terms): suspect brain lesion or hormonal disease, possibly leading to elevation in blood press. cancer possible.

Treatment Needed: in addition to senior workup, blood pressure, +/-thyroid panel +/- additional imaging including CT scan

Prognosis: guarded given current signs.

One of our amazing fosters is giving her a home until she is all cleared medically and adopted, or end of life comfort. The last thing we wanted as an organization was for her to pass in a cold cage away from her family or people who have the time to love on her.

This isn't the first time we have taken in a senior cat to ensure they have a good end of life.

If you would like to help with her medical costs and sponsor her treatment, please donate and leave a note for Luna's medical care.

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