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Adoption Process

Good Morning RescueMe Family! We get a lot of questions about adoption fees, cost breakdown, and what it takes to get your newest family member home to you! So, I figured I'd take some time this morning to give some insight to the process, focusing in this post, about the process around the adoption process.

First, I KNOW what it's like to adopt from a rescue organization without any knowledge as to what the process is, and how frustrating that can be. When I was fresh out of the military, a young, 26 years old, living on my own...I wanted a dog. And the dog that caught my eye on the website was a three-legged dog. So I applied. That came down to a devastating DENIED because my 4' fence wasn't tall enough.

For the three-legged dog.

I was frustrated and annoyed that this dog I had my heart set on I was denied in an impersonal email stating that my fence was too short.

Now could this rescue organization have done more to personalize my experience? Maybe call me and explain to me the risks with the breed I wanted and despite his handicap, how my fence wouldn't contain him? Maybe ask me about what I'm looking for, why I chose that dog, and match me with another dog in their organization that met both my goals in a dog AND my homes limitations? RESOUNDING YES.

Here at RescueMe, we do just that. We have AMAZING matching coordinators that take a look at the application you submit, then have a conversation with you. Typically, you'll get a reach out from Kelly or Amy J. that talk to you about your application, explain any limitations, and help to match you with the best cat. Since we have a lot of applications, the original cat you apply for may have, happily, already found their forever home. Don't worry, we have so many amazing cats, we're sure to find the perfect one for you....even if the one you had your eye on isn't available anymore.

So. What is the process like?

First, you can look through our adoptable cats page on our website here. This is our MOST up to date list of available cats. You'll also see kittens pop up on this page for pre-adoption about 2 weeks before they're ready to go home. So this is a great page to bookmark and keep your eye on. Some adopters come to us through Adopt-a-pet and PetFinder, both of which are connected to our Animal databases and kept up to date also.

Second, on any of the animals listed, there's a button that allows you to adopt for THAT specific animal, looks something like this:

Click on the Apply for adoption within the animals record, and that let's us know that this particular cat caught your attention. Our adoption coordinators will connect you with the foster for this cat.

Third, during the application review process we're also checking that all the animals that currently live in your home are up to date on all their medical. Because the health and wellbeing of the cats we help is top of mind, we want to make sure that ALL the animals they will co-habitat with are also medically taken care of. This includes vaccines, spay/neuter, flea/tick and heartworm prevention (dogs). We also ensure if you are renting, that you are able to have a pet per the lease or agreement you have with your property.

FINALLY, the last step in the process before you can take your new furry friend home, is a home check. This is usually the most stressful part for adopters. A bit of insight, we're taking a look around to ensure that it's a safe environment. What does that mean? Do you have a dog door where the cat could escape? Snake plants and Monstera plants...two plants HUGE in popularity for decor....did you know BOTH of these are toxic to pets? To read about my recent experience with these plants and 3 of our foster kittens, stay tuned for another blog post....

Basically, in the home visit we're looking for safety concerns, things you might not have even thought of! To offer suggestions with integrating your new cat into it's new home. We're ensuring that you have what you need for a cat (litter box, food/water bowls, etc), that escape routes are remedied, and ensure that you will have a great coming home for your new friend. The LAST thing we want is to eliminate you as an adopter on a technicality. (Which is the concern all my friends have expressed when I talk about a home visit).

If you have any questions, the adoption coordinator that reached out to you, or the foster can answer and reassure you about the process.

I'm hoping hearing from me about our adoption process can answer most of your questions! Up next, I'll talk about pricing, medical, and take home information.

Happy hunting for your next furry friend!

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