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I'm adopting a Kitten, what do I need?!

You've picked your kitten and your excited for their bring home day! Sometimes, it can be overwhelming to determine exactly what supplies you'll need at home to make sure your new family friend is taken care of. Below is a list of items we recommend, and some links out to products we like best as fosters.

Cat/Kitten Supplies for Home

  • Litter Box: Any standard box will do; however, none of our kittens are trained with mechanical/Self Cleaning litterboxes. These are wonderful options, but will take additional transition steps for your new cat or kitten to know that's where to do their business! They won't be able to use the self cleaning immediately upon arriving home. So we recommend a standard litterbox until you have the time to slowly transition them to your preferred litterbox. Some great suggestions are:

  • Litter: It's a great idea to ask your cat or kittens Foster Parent what kind of litter they are used too. Some fosters prefer clay clumping litter, others prefer crystal litter. Both are fine, but beginning with what the kitten is used to is the best starting place...then you can transition them to whatever your preferred litter is

  • Food: This is another question for your foster. It's important to feed cats or kittens the same food as they are used to, at least initially. Your foster will provide you with the name and brand currently being used. They will also send you home with 1-2 lbs of food so that you have time to transition should you choose. Your foster will review transition steps at your adoption pick up appointment.

  • Food/Water Bowls: Anything will do! Sometimes I even use kids plastic bowls from IKEA to feed foster cats/kittens. Self feeding, gravity feeding, and water fountains are perfectly good options, but some of my favorite basic options are:

  • Cat Scratching Post/Tree: Cats and Kittens have claws! The best way to divert their attention from furniture is to provide a cat scratching post, or a cat tree with scratching posts integrated. Some great options are:

  • Nail Trimmer: This is important to trim your cats nails to prevent them from getting too sharp. The cat scratchers will help, but every now and again, a quick snip is best.

  • Toys: Cats and Kittens (especially) need fun things to take their energy out with. You can choose ANY toy, be it big or small. Some of my favs are simple crunchy, noisy balls or things that they can fling around without chewing up.

That's the basics! The above listed supplies should get you started to ensure that your cat or kitten has the supplies they need to easily transition into your new home.

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