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Kitten Adoption Fees

A common inquiry we get is around the adoption fee, and what that covers.

It's paramount here at RescueMe, that the cats and kittens we send you home with are healthy and fully vetted to ensure a happy homecoming and experience with your new pet. In order to do this we ask for an adoption fee.

Since RescueMe is a non-profit, none of us volunteers or board members are paid for our work. We rely 100% on our volunteers willing time and donations from our supporters. So let's break down the cost structure.

Kittens: Ages 8 week - 6 month old - $175

The earliest we allow for kittens to go home is 8 weeks old. This means that from the time they were found or born, we have ensured their well-being. Many of our found kittens don't have a Mom to help feed them. That means that we're bottle feeding and completing lifesaving measures to ensure their survival. This can mean things like:

Providing KMR (Kitten Milk Replacer): $29.50/Container

Each litter of kittens requires 3-6 containers of milk replacement before they start eating normal cat food.

Kitten Soft Food: $22.99/Case of 24

When we start to transition kittens from KMR to Solid Food, we do a mix of the KMR and Kitten soft food during that process. Litters of kittens stay on this mix for 1-2 weeks before they're ready to tackle hard food. Each litter needs 1-2 cases depending on the size of the litter.

Solid Food: $39.99/25lb bag

In the final stages of soft to hard food transition, we have chosen an all age food that the kitten litters eat. Each litter (depending on number of kittens) needs 1/2-1 bag of food before adoption begins at 8 weeks of age.

Along with nutrition, there are services we offer to neonate kittens that require supplies. Some of these include:

We also include the New Kitten Vaccine/Sterilization Package*:

  • FeLV vaccine (2 doses (2 week cycle)) - $10/ea

  • FHCPCh (3 doses (2 week cycle)) - $10/ea

  • FeLV/FIV Test - $20 (if required)

  • Rabies - $5

  • Microchip - $30

  • Spay/Neuter - $45/$35

  • Surgery Pain Meds - $15

  • Total First year Kitten Package for a healthy cat: $155

It's important to note that we ensure normal vaccine/sterilization schedule for our adopted kittens. *Additional unforeseen medical complications are not covered in the New Kitten Vaccine/Sterilization Package.

We are able to augment the total cost of a kitten for our adopters through the donations of our supporters. Because, as you can see, our math doesn't math so well at $175/kitten. This is also why we don't offer a sibling discount. It's our goal to both support our cost base, while still giving a very economical option for our adopters to adopt kittens through us.

If you would like to donate any of the above listed items, please mail these to:


8921 Charles Street

Lantana, TX 76226

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